Financial Modeling Projects


Consumer Electronic Banking Device Capital Budget Model

Modeled a new mass–market electronic product introduction. Models included 30 separate detailed spreadsheets to justify a capital budget in excess of $200 Million over 5 years. Model output was used for a presentation to the board of directors of the largest US bank.
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Multi-divisional PERFORMANCE REVIEW system

Gathered Data into a standardized corporate performance model from 10 divisions worldwide, applied corporate adjustments, and consolidated results on 3 discrete levels.
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Modeled the production costs for 5 large magazine runs, scheduled print runs and distribution routes.
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Multi-national corporate BUDGET and CONSOLIDATION system

Gathered data from divisions located in 10 countries, provided a standardized capital and operating budget analysis form, provided for divisional and corporate consolidations and adjustments, and produced presentation-quality reports for senior management.
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Equipment LEASE ANALYSIS system

Analysis tool for large capital leases. Provided for a variety of user inputs including financing rates, benchmark rates, lease-versus-buy analysis, and residual value analysis.
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Model analyzed hundreds of different financing and timing scenarios for 5 classes of capital expenditures and operating expenditures for a $2 billion total outlay project in Africa.
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