Relational Database Projects

• Mortgage Backed Securities Back Office Processing System

Led a major effort to convert an existing COBOL batch Service Bureau System to a relational database on-line system. Projects included a complete database design, user interface design and reporting system. Managed a team of ten programmers. Extended the system to process all mortgaged backed and asset backed securities including CMOs and Derivatives.

• Mergers and Acquisitions Premiums/Fees Paid Database System

Designed a system to store, screen and report proprietary data on recent M & A deals. The system included a highly flexible screening package with extensive logic capabilities and a user driven reporting package to produce presentation quality reports on demand.

• Union Dues, Insurance and Pension Fund System

Designed, coded, documented and trained users on a system to collect and account for monthly dues, insurance premiums and pension fund contributions. System also includes a bulk check writing and mailing module, and an investment management module for the pension fund. System maintains over 5,000 active members and 1,500 retirees with a fund of over $100 million under in-house management. The system pre-certifies insurance claims for bulk transmission to the carrier, and has a comprehensive mailing list module.

• Government Securities Trading System

Designed, coded and used a complete trading system for a small government securities broker/dealer. The system provided: Order Entry, Daily Trade Blotter, On-line Open Position reporting with current mark-to-markets, recognized gain/loss reporting, confirm generation and management analysis capabilities. The system offered the ability to trade any security, including: Treasury actuals, options, futures and options—on—futures; GNMA's and other pass-through type securities; Eurodeposits and cash positions; Repos and Reverses.


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