Transaction Processing Systems

Mortgage Backed Securities Back Office Processing System

Led a major effort to convert an existing COBOL batch Service Bureau System to a relational database on-line system. Projects included a complete database design, user interface design and reporting system. Managed a team of ten programmers. Extended the system to process all mortgaged backed and asset backed securities including CMOs and Derivatives.

Union Dues, Insurance and Pension Fund System

Designed, coded, documented and trained users on a system to collect and account for monthly dues, insurance premiums and pension fund contributions. System also includes a bulk check writing and mailing module, and an investment management module for the pension fund. System maintains over 5,000 active members and 1,500 retirees with a fund of over $100 million under in-house management. The system pre-certifies insurance claims for bulk transmission to the carrier, and has a comprehensive mailing list module.

Automated Equities Trading System

Integrated proprietary position analysis technology into a real-time trade order entry system (DOT). The system constructed a paired portfolio of long and short positions. This portfolio was then analyzed at frequent (1 minute to 1 day) intervals to determine what trades should be done to maximize the projected return of the portfolio. The system tracked trading strategy and performance and re-balanced based on user or system controlled completion and synchronization parameters.


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